Friday, January 25, 2013

Big Projects!

Finally, a project!

Something that has been consuming me for the better part of a year, is the spare bedroom in my house.
Technically, this room will become my "master" bedroom, but currently I think it only qualifies as a mess!  Here is the (rather intimidating) view from the kitchen...
As you can see, it is SCARY yellow, and currently unusable.
But it has lots of potential! 
We have a couple of reasons for wanting to move our bedroom in here.  There is only one window that faces east, think: wake up to the sun rise :)  Also, our current room has 2 windows.  One south-west so it gets the last 8 hours of sun in the summer and tends to be sweltering!  Also the new room's location in relation to our pellet stove (our sole source of heat) allows it to be a little warmer in winter.  Finally, it is because I have BIG PLANS to turn our current bedroom into a home office/guest room.

The Checklist for this room is:

Patch/Paint Ceiling
Strip/Refinish Woodwork
Patch/Paint Walls
Sand/Refinish Floors
And after some finishing touches, spend the rest of my time in this house Enjoying the fruit of my labor!
In some upcoming posts, I will share my progress.
It would be really nice to be able to move in, and move on to some other projects :)

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