Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Raise the Ceiling

The past and present of my bedroom ceiling!

Crazy that it looks so yellow in this picture... I have a lot to learn about lighting!
In my last post, I introduced you to my current-spare-future-master bedroom.  What a mess!  Like so much about this house, it has potential but needs extraordinary amounts of TLC. (akaWORK)
At the top of my checklist, and coincidentally the top of the room is... the ceiling.
Made of what appear to be cardboard tiles, the ceiling has seen better days... Belying the yellowish pic above, it is actually white, but the years have not been kind (maybe the pic isn't as far off as I might wish) 
Some of the seams are showing the brown underneath, there is the occasional water stain, hole, and oh yes, the amazing ripped up sections around where the fan was installed.
Not being in a position to rip out and replace this feature (And knowing from previous projects the mess that most likely lies beneath) I had the inspiration to paint it!  Enter my AWESOME little brother!  He took a day off to help me coat my ceiling with Behr Eggshell finish in Fountain Spout.
And it begins to take shape :)
Don't think of how it clashes with the nasty yellow, imagine looking up at the clear blue sky from the comfort of my memory foam!  (Besides, the Yellow is one of the next things to go ;)
The ToDo for the Bedroom now looks like this:
Patch/Paint Ceiling
Strip/Refinish Woodwork
Patch/Paint Walls
Sand/Refinish Floors
I promise I will share the full color scheme soon.

Boy does this feel like a victory!

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  1. you have inspired me. I have started a blog. Angela and I have been joking about it for a while, and I figured, oh why not. Here's the address. www.therunnerofsorts.blogspot.com. Check it out!